The Accounting Services Difference!

When looking at bringing third-parties in to support your business, it’s critical to align yourselves with those who appreciate your business, your time and your money. If you are getting less than 100% dedicated focus from your partners, we would ask, why haven’t you looked elsewhere?

Just like you wouldn’t stay with a financial advisor who consistently loses you money, or a mortgage broker who can’t find you the property you need, why would you stay with an accountant or accounting firm who doesn’t value your business nor provide the counsel that you need to plan and grow?

Our entire team at Campanella McDonald LLP (CMLLP) is 100% dedicated to the small businesses who entrust us with their finances. As a small Oakville business ourself, we understand the trust it takes to bring someone onto your team and hand over control of something you either can’t do, or don’t have the time to do, yourself. However, just because you NEED someone to help, doesn’t mean you have to SETTLE for less than you deserve.

We are proud to have earned a positive reputation for our quick and professional response to each and every one of our clients. We don’t wait days or weeks to respond; in many instances, it is mere minutes before you capture our attention and garner a call or return email.

One client shared the following with us: “My last accountant would take days and sometimes weeks to get back to me. John Paul McDonald responded to my initial email within minutes and provided more detail in that first five minutes than my accountant had provided throughout our entire professional relationship. I didn’t feel like my other accountant cared about my business and with CMLLP, it feels like they are a part of it. I am more than just a file number now. I am confident that CMLLP has the small business knowledge I need to bring my financial house in order.”

Your small business accounting firm should value your business and time as if it were their own. If not, you are with the wrong partner. Period.

About CMLLP Professional Accounting Services

Campanella McDonald LLP is an Oakville based full-service, professional accounting firm focusing on small business owners, independent professionals, and real-estate investors. The firm’s partners provide clients with assurance, taxation, advisory, SR&ED, business valuations, wealth advisory, US tax and estate planning services.

Contact us for your professional accounting services at 289-813-0097 or via email and if we don’t respond within 2 hours (during business hours of course), we don’t deserve your business.
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