Want to sell your business but don't know how much it is worth?

Are you a sole-proprietor looking to incorporate your business?

You've heard a holding company can protect your business' retained earnings, but how do you properly structure one?

Are you close to retirement and thinking about transferring your business to your children?

Maybe you'd like to expand into the us but not sure if you need a us entity?
Running your business is hard. You have to think about marketing, operations, legal, tax etc. etc. Inevitably, you will eventually run into a complex transaction that stumps you.

That’s where we come in. At Campanella McDonald LLP our partners have been advising clients on complex small business transactions since 2002. In fact, we handle such transactions on a weekly basis.
Take for example our client joe gervais, owner of jg electrical contracting (name changed to maintain confidentiality)
Over the years JG has grown from a one-person show into a multiple crew organization providing electrical contracting services to the commercial construction industry. Consequently, Joe had accumulated over $1,000,000 in cash retained earnings that he did not require in operations and would instead invest for retirement.
Earlier in the year Joe had a scare. One of his crew members was found unconscious on site. After an investigation it was concluded that the crew member had an incident related to a personal health matter and no technical negligence was found to come into play.

This got Joe thinking. What if this or a similar incident were related to some form of negligence on his or his company’s behalf? Would his retirement savings be compromised if he were sued?

His lawyers had previously informed him that a holding company is a tool, along with adequate insurance, to help protect his company’s assets. But Joe wasn’t sure how to re-organize his structure to achieve this.

We sat down with him, assessed his situation, and decided to incorporate a holding company, transfer the shares of JG to his holding company, and initiate inter-company dividends to clear the retained earnings out of JG for safe keeping in the holding company.

Best of all, by utilizing certain tax elections and making the required filings we were able to achieve this all TAX FREE. This gave Joe some comfort and stability in his situation whilst saving on what could potentially have been a large and unnecessary tax bill.

At Campanella McDonald LLP our partners are dedicated to helping small business owners with a variety of value-added services including: SRED credit applications, business valuations, tax reorganizations, estate planning and transfer, US and cross border taxation planning and filings, among many others. We start with your big picture, then drill down into the details, supporting you the whole way and ensuring we can get your family and business structured in the most tax efficient manner possible.
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Gordon R - Co-founder of California Fitness Mexico

"In 2015 we approached Fabio to help us design a business plan to build a new fitness center in Cancun, Mexico. He helped us put together a solid plan, raise 7-figures in debt and equity financing, developed a risk management strategy and provided invaluable guidance in dealing with our financiers, equity investors, lawyers, insurance brokers and Mexican tax accountants. He also helped us choose and appoint a CFO and has assisted with our external financial reporting. Since then, we have built 4 large locations across Mexico and are in direct plans to develop an additional 5. Great work and highly recommended to anyone who is looking for business advisory services."
"I have worked with Campanella McDonald LLP for 4 years now for tax and investments in both my personal and business matters. They keep on top of all relevant aspects of my lifestyle and business so I can make the best decisions possible. Most important to me though, is that they explain financial issues in language I can understand and dealing with them is simple and painless. I am a huge fan!!!"

Chad Pearson - Entrepreneur and Chief Marketing Officer


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