Patrick is a CA/CPA with a decade of experience in the public accounting, tax, and investment banking sectors. We are confident that his deep level of knowledge will be a major contributing factor to our firm’s expansion.

Video Transcript from Oakville Accountant CMLLP introducing Patrick RuizFabio: Hey everybody. How are you? I’d like to welcome our newest team member, Patrick Ruiz. So Patrick Ruiz and I, we used to actually work together in the hedge fund industry not too long ago. He’s an alumni of Deloitte. He’s done a whole bunch of other things as well. Why don’t you give yourself a little intro?

Patrick: Sure. I come here with 10 years of experience. I qualified as a CA at Deloitte, worked in hedge funds with Fab, and most recently was in investment banking and equity research and helped a private company raise some money. So I’m happy to join.

Fabio: So he comes with a wide variety of experience. Some of you are going to be hearing from him. I think he’s going to be a great addition to the team. What do you think?

Patrick: Oh absolutely. I look forward to leveraging my experience working with entrepreneurs and investors, and help this company grow.

Fabio: Perfect. So thanks a lot. See you later.

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