T1 Personal Tax Organizer

T1 Personal Tax Organizer in Oakville and Toronto, ON

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Personal Tax Organizer For the year:

1. Personal Information



Date of birth: (dd/mm/yyyy)


Marital Status:  

If married or common-law, should your return be filed jointly with your spouse’s return?   YesNo

If your marital status changed during the year, provide date of change (dd/mm/yyyy):  

2. Residence

Province or territory of residence on December 31:  

Did the taxpayer sell a home designated as a PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE during the year?

Did the taxpayer immigrate to Canada or emigrate from Canada during the year?  

If yes, provide the date of entry into Canada:  

or the date of departure:  

3. Elections Canada

Is the taxpayer a Canadian citizen?   YesNo

If yes, the taxpayer authorizes the CRA to provide his/her name, address and date of birth to Elections Canada to update his/her information on the National Register of Electors.   YesNo

4. Foreign Reporting-T1135

Did the taxpayer own or hold foreign property with a total cost of between CDN $100,000 and $250,000 at any time during the year? YesNo

Did the taxpayer own or hold foreign property with a total cost of more than CDN $250,000 at any time during the year? YesNo

5. Dependents



Date of Birth




Child Care Expenses

Fitness Expenses

Art/Activity expenses


6. General Income/Deductions

T4 slips – Employment income?   YesNo

Does the taxpayer have employment expenses?   YesNo

Has the taxpayer obtained a T2200 from their employer for employment expenses?   YesNo

Does the taxpayer earn commission income on box 42 of their T4?   YesNo

T4A – Commission and self-employment?   YesNo

T4E – Employment insurance?   YesNo

T5007 – Social assistance?   YesNo

Union/professional dues?   YesNo

List of child care expenses, with receipts, for each child?:   YesNo

7. Pension Income

T4A – Pension, retirement and annuity income?   YesNo

T4AP – Canada pension plan benefits?   YesNo

T4A(OAS) – Old age security pension slip/foreign pensions?   YesNo

T4A(RCA) – Retirement compensation arrangements?   YesNo

T4RSP – Registered retirement savings plan income?   YesNo

T4RIF – Registered Retirement income fund income?   YesNo

Does the taxpayer elect to split eligible pension income with his/her spouse or common-law partner?   YesNo

8. Investment Income/Deductions

T3 – Income from trust allocations?   YesNo

T5 – Investment income?   YesNo

T4PS – Income from profit sharing plans?   YesNo

T5013/T5013(A) – Partnership income?   YesNo

T5008 – Income from securities transactions?   YesNo

Did the taxpayer have a non-registered investment trading account (Non RRSP/TFSA/RESP):   YesNo

If yes, Does the taxpayer have a broker’s gain and loss report?   YesNo

Does the taxpayer have details on all investment trades (cost basis, commissions paid, sale/disposition price)?   YesNo

Interest Paid to earn investment Income:

Rental Fee on safety deposit box:

Accounting / Legal fees:

Investment management fees on non-registered accounts:

9. Self-Employment/Business Income

Are you self-employed?   YesNo

Are you registered for HST?   YesNo

10. Rental Income

1. Do you own rental properties?   YesNo
a. How many rental properties?

2. Do you have joint-venture or co-ownership on any rental properties? :   YesNo

3. Did you sell any rental properties?   YesNo

a. How many rental properties did you sell?  

11. RRSP Contributions

T-slip for contributions made attached?   YesNo

12. Other Credits

T2202 – Tuition/education amount for the taxpayer?   YesNo

T2202 – Tuition/education amount claimed on transfer from the dependant?   YesNo

Receipt or amount for the taxpayer’s student loan interest?   YesNo

Receipts/Listing of all medical expenses paid in the year for the taxpayer, spouse, and dependants?  YesNo

Receipts for donations?   YesNo

Receipts for charitable donations made by way of gifting an item in kind?   YesNo

Were any loans associated with the charitable donations?   YesNo

Receipts for political contributions?   YesNo

Tickets for public transit?   YesNo

Receipts/listing for fitness amount paid for each child?   YesNo

Receipts/listing for activities paid for each child?   YesNo

Statement for new home to claim the home buyer’s amount?   YesNo

Amount of property taxes/rent paid in the year?   YesNo