Real Estate Investors

A comprehensive and unique real-estate investment consultancy.
What do you get when you put a tax and financial planning specialist into a room with an investment-focused realtor and mortgage broker? You get one of the country’s most comprehensive and unique real-estate investment consultancies.

Working with our team is a unique experience. We offer a one-stop solution to all your real estate investment needs including tax planning, financial planning, financing, and investment selection.

Our process:

We follow a three-step process in all real estate investment consultations:

  • Build an investor profile
  • Design an investment strategy
  • Implement and monitor the strategy

Step 1: Build your profile

No two investors are alike. You may be self-employed, retired, or expecting your second child. We need to get to know you, your unique situation, and your ultimate goals.

The first step in the process is the most critical. This is the missing link in the industry that we pride ourselves in covering.

Prior to booking an initial consultation you will fill out a detailed form that will help us gather the information we need to build a profile on you. Once complete our team will review the data, build your profile, and develop an agenda for our first meeting with you.

Step 2: Design an investment strategy

Your first meeting will include the entire team: A registered tax and financial planning specialist, an investment focused realtor, and an investment focused mortgage broker. Together, with additional input from you we will draft a preliminary strategy.

This strategy will include the following:

  1. Establish your risk threshold, investment horizon, and timeline for implementation
  2. Establish your preferred investment allocation (buy-and-hold, renovations/new builds and flips, multi-unit residential etc.)
  3. Establish your ability to access capital to implement the strategy

Step 3: Implement and monitor the strategy

This is the fun step! All the preliminary planning has taken place and the team is on the same page. We know what types of properties to focus on, what you can afford to purchase, and how the strategy will integrate into your overall financial plan.

It’s now time to hit the road and find your first property!

But the support doesn’t end there. Very few of our clients stop at one. Some clients have amassed portfolios exceeding 10 or 15 properties. Some clients are literally living off their annual cash-flows.

The team is in constant contact and provides continual support. All tax compliance is handled at Campanella McDonald LLP and we have open lines of communication with all team members involved with your strategy. As your situation changes so too does our advice. Monitoring the strategy is just as important as the initial implementation.

Our Team

fabio campanella oakville accountant

Fabio Campanella CPA, CA, CFP, CIM

Heading the team is Fabio Campanella CPA, CA, CFP, CIM. Fabio is a nationally recognized tax and financial planning specialist who has written, contributed, and lectured on the topics of real estate investing, taxation, and personal financial planning for the Globe and Mail, National Post, Financial Post, Toronto Star, CPA Ontario, York University, the Independent Mortgage Broker’s Association, Royal Bank of Canada and many more. Fabio acts as the central quarterback for your plan and leads all aspects of design, implementation, and monitoring.

Andrea McDonald

Andrea McDonald

Andrea McDonald has helped countless investors select and build their investment portfolios. A licensed realtor and avid real-estate investor herself, her depth of knowledge and experience are second to none.

Andy Anastasiou

Andy Anastasiou

A licensed mortgage broker and co-founder of SGE Financial, Andy is an active real estate investor as well as a specialized consultant to the industry. Andy’s experience runs deep, and he often finds creative and unique solutions to complex financing arrangements.

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