Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors Tax and Accounting Services – Toronto and Oakville, ON

Whether you are running a retail store, a hospitality industry service provider, or a manufacturing plant we have the experienced and knowledge to help you succeed.

The team at Campanella McDonald LLP has extensive experience in advising real estate investors. Our team has worked with hundreds of investors from beginners to seasoned pros. Campanella McDonald LLP’s real estate tax and advisory practice aims to assist investors in finding practical, cost-effective solutions to help maximize their portfolio of real estate investments.

Tax Filing and Accounting

One of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of managing a portfolio of income properties is tax compliance. Navigating the reporting requirements and rules established by the Income Tax Act can be a daunting task. With our stream-lined processes and resources Campanella McDonald LLP helps make your reporting a breeze. Our team will help you understand what documents must be retained, what expenses should be reported, and how your investment income will affect your tax liability.

Structuring your Real-Estate Investments

Should you incorporate or own your properties personally? Should you use personal after-tax dollars, a line of credit, or your small business’ retained earnings to make your down-payments? Will it be more beneficial for you or your spouse to own the investment properties? What are the limitations on expensing interest on borrowed money against your income property? Setting a proper tax and financial strategy for your portfolio of income properties is just as important as choosing the correct properties and tenants. Campanella McDonald LLP goes beyond simple tax compliance and can provide investors with personalized consultations to help craft effective real estate investment strategies. Our team focuses not only on the investments themselves but how these investments affect your overall financial situation.

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