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According to a recent big bank report, at least 46% of Canadians don't have a financial plan. We're willing to bet that many of those that do have a plan are lacking a clear connection between their tax and investment strategies.

Tax can easily eat up the majority of your family's earnings and investment returns. In fact, a poorly designed financial plan can drain your returns by up to 53.53% in Ontario.

To put that into perspective, a 10% pre-tax return, if structured incorrectly, can end up being reduced to 4.65%. And that can be reduced to even less if money is moved between your corporation and yourself.

Let's look at an example...
Mr. and Mrs. Smith own a small, incorporated business generating a profit of about $150,000 per year after they pay themselves a reasonable salary and corporate taxes.

The Smiths would like to build equity to support their retirements and build a legacy for their children. They've decided to start building a portfolio of investment properties.

In order to do so, they required a down payment of $150,000 for the first property. So, they withdrew the money from their corporation and paid personal taxes of $137,028, or 47.74%.

They found a property that generated a $12,000 annual pre-tax profit leading to $6,423 of annual tax, a whopping 53.53%!
In total, the Smiths lost $143,451 to tax in the first year of their rental operations, and will continue to lose about $6,500 per year thereafter.
This could have all been avoided with proper planning and structuring (CLICK HERE to learn more about properly structuring small business investments).
In fact, a proper structure could have deferred 100% of that taxation leading to a faster accumulation of wealth and a far more robust estate to leave as a legacy in the future. Yes, they could have reduced that tax bill to $0!

At Campanella McDonald LLP this is what we do. We integrate your tax and financial plans to help you and your family achieve long-term financial success.

Nermin Burgic - Self-Employed Consultant

“I have been a client of this firm for almost 10 years. Aside from the standard excellent service (accurate & timely accounting, responsive & prompt engagement) Fabio & team have a huge wealth of expertise with regard to what CRA looks for, what great long-term tax planning looks like, and general estate management should be to maximize value. This big picture stuff is what separates this firm from the others. Can't recommend these guys enough for small business, personal, estate, and investment clients!”
“I have worked with Campanella McDonald LLP for the last 7 years. Before that, I was a client of many more prominent organizations, and I was very upset with how they treated me. However, I had to stay with those accountants until I found someone whom I could trust. When I saw Mr. Campanella for the first time, I was amazed by his depth of knowledge about our business in general. I asked him questions that over time I learned myself and the other firm did not have any idea about. Fabio knew it by heart. I highly recommend this company.”

Dr. Ramin Safakish MD - Self-Employed Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist

Robert and Joanna Szulimowski - Owners of Rob's Quality Construction

“I would highly recommend both Fabio and John Paul to anyone who owns their own business. They are both incredibly responsive and very knowledgeable. They both bring so much to the table and have acted not only as our accountants but have also offered their experience and advice for corporate and strategic decisions. We have worked with a number of their staff who are all fantastic to work with. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


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